Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring into Ostara!

Ostara is nearly here, and with it, the first official day of spring! I'm excited. I have found my mood improving as the weather gets nicer. I thought I'd take a moment to talk about Ostara and some recipe ideas.

First, Ostara is just one name given to the spring equinox. The Celts' celebrations of spring bore no resemblance to a modern neo-pagan observances, but some similarities exist. For instance, it was and still is a time to plant seeds. Some pagan folk start magical herb gardens at this time.

Speaking of sowing seeds and fertility and all that good stuff (which we'll get into more as Beltaine gets closer), now is a good time to start thinking about what talents you want to develop, or what you want to learn or how you want to grow. What do you want to harvest at Samhain? What do you want to take into the new year with you?

Even if you have a black thumb like I do, you can still plant seeds of spirituality, of love, of peace and harmony, etc. How you do this is your choice, but I would recommend symbolically burying something, even if it's egg shells. It increases the visualization, I believe.

Seeds are some of the traditional foods for Ostara, along with leafy greens such as chard and spinach, dairy foods, and egg dishes. I sometimes like to include something spicy as I do at Imbolc, to awaken the senses.

Some suggestions would be a frittata with greens and cheese of your choice, a leafy green salad, or seeded rolls. I would use my Harvest Home Rolls recipe and add poppy seeds to the dough. You could also use sunflower seeds or put pumpkin seeds on top.

I hope those of you who are celebrating have a blessed Ostara, and I hope that whatever you plant flourishes.

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