Friday, May 22, 2015

A Simple Day

This isn't a blog post so much as it is me sharing notes I made yesterday. I am pondering setting aside one day a week or so as sort of a holy day like the Abrahamic folks do in order to work on my spiritual side. I would love some feedback, so leave a comment and tell me what you think.

A Pagan Holy Day
-          An experiment in which I attempt to keep up with a plan I make.
-          Also a chance to try to connect more with the Divine within and without
-          Must be a weekend because of our work schedules
-          Martin works every other Sunday
-          Could be once a week or once a month
-          Blog posts/vlog posts

·         Rest and reflection
·         Prayer
·         Fasting  before breaking fast with special meal
·         Rituals
·         Connecting with the Divine
·         Tarot
·         Little to no Internet distraction
·         Music is fine
·         Workshops? Belly dancing, women’s topics, drumming, etc.
·         Little thought of the work world
·         Connecting with friends

Saturday or Sunday?  Once a week or once a month?

·         A change to turn off and breathe
·         Simplicity
·         Relaxation
·         Recharging of batteries, both physical and spiritual
·         If held once a month, less pressure to get everything in place
·         Once a month could be the whole weekend
·         Could include camping in the summer (at least in the yard)

·         Getting all the cleaning done on Friday night
·         Holding it on Sunday but only every other week (could be a pro?)

·         Once a month might defeat the purpose of trying to get into a habit of doing this 

What else can you think of? I hope to hear from you!