Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A New Blog!

In my attempts to get good at Tarot again so I might be able to offer readings to others, I have started a new blog. Join me for musings, readings, and who knows what else.

Nar's Tarot Table

Building New Traditions

Well, here I still am, fortunately. Samhain, as you may have read, was replaced with The Week of Crippling Depression, but medication is sorted out, and I am feeling less horrid. Just in time for the really depressing winter holiday season, yay...

Anyhell, Thanksgiving is upon us, with all that it really  means and all that we were taught that it means. I don't really celebrate it. My parents live several hours away, my boyfriend is Australian and not really accustomed to Thanksgiving, and I want to have as little stress in my life as possible right now. The semester is wrapping up, which means final exams and final grades and the first draft of my teacher portfolio will need turned in for whatever reason I can't fathom.

Normally at this time of year, I am working my way through a vegetarian diet. My body always complains, however, so I said fuggit. It was a nice idea with a lot of thought put into it and blah, blah, blah...but my body doesn't deal with it well. A whole turkey is too much for two people to eat even in a week, and with my faulty gastric band and all that scar tissue, it's very hard for me to eat and keep down. We're having spaghetti instead.

Yes, I said spaghetti. Spaghetti with ground beef in the sauce (not quite a Bolognese because I just bought a jar of Prego or something), Italian sausages to roast and cut up in it, and maybe, just maybe, homemade garlic rolls. It depends upon the state of the house tomorrow.

Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving, which I haven't felt in years, I'll be watching The Last Waltz and drinking some red, red wine. Today is the 39th anniversary of the concert, so I might have to watch it later tonight, too. The Band never gets old in this house!

For Yule, I had a menu planned. Yes, I love to jump the gun. However, we will either be going to my parents' house, or I will hopefully be recovering from gallbladder surgery (I see someone about it on the 10th). I will post more about Yule later, though, and share some of the ideas I had that I MIGHT get around to one of these days.

I'm sorry, y'all. I have had a rough time. I'm trying to get better, but it takes a while. Thanks for your support. It means a lot. I hope you all have a wonderful feast if you're celebrating tomorrow, and please, please don't forget to make a food or monetary donation to your local food bank! I can't stress that enough, especially during this time of year.

Happy Turkey-Lurkey!