Thursday, September 17, 2015


Here it is the middle of September only, and so many of us can already feel the veil getting thinner. It's exciting and I wonder if it's earlier this year than it has been in some years past? Or maybe it's just me being more sensitive due to things like the Mercury retrograde (vomit) and the approach of my period. Who can be sure.

When do you typically notice the veil between the worlds thinning? What are some of the first signs for you? Weird shit happens around here. Things disappear. Strange feelings come and go - not necessarily bad, but definitely the feeling of not being alone. Things disappearing and just fucking up in general makes me think maybe the retrograde is at least partially responsible. It's set to end before the middle of October, I believe.

I need to figure out what to do. Who am I going to remember? How am I going to do it?

I think the most efficient way to do it, and the easiest, is to write down everyone's names. You can write down birthdays and/or the days they passed, as well. I don't really have any photos of anyone; they are at my mom's house. I will write down the names of grandparents and friends who have passed.

I may also include some way of honoring others who are important to me but to whom I am not related or closely acquainted.

As for decorations and such, I made a groovy wreath last year, but my ferrets destroyed it. I guess it's back to square one, there. I am going to set up a small folding table on the porch with the names, some food, candles, booze, and maybe some cigs for anyone who has fond memories of smoking.

As for food, one of the dishes I plan to make is fried catfish. I mentioned that in an earlier blog post, shortly after my friend Bill died so unexpectedly. He was a good ol' Southern gentleman and loved his fried catfish and sweet, sweet tea. So he shall have some. I imagine I'll work some taters 'n' cabbage in there somewhere, too. I'll make a separate post when we get closer.

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