Monday, July 6, 2015

My Latest Passion

Perfume! Rather, making perfume. I’ve been blending essential oils to create fragrance oils and solid perfumes.

I’ve been having an incredible time and have learned a lot. I have a ginormous list of ideas for god and goddess scents, Sabbat scents, elemental blends, etc. I’m eager to get started, but I am still waiting on my latest oil order to arrive.

I trucked on over to Eden Botanicals and bought a *few* oils and got several free samples in the process. I’m really excited to start experimenting. I have learned a lot from AromaWeb, too. That’s where I first really learned about the notes in a fragrance and the ratio for each one. 

The Eden Botanicals site also has information on what oils are what notes – top, middle, or bottom/base.  Some of their oils are thicker or nearly solid at room temperature and have special blending instructions. I’ve ordered from them before, and I’ve been very satisfied. They may not be cheap with many things, but they do have some good prices. It just depends on how rare the oil is.
I’ll include a screenshot of my first order. My second order was for one single oil – osmanthus.

I have several ideas for each and every one, and ways to include the many oils I already have. I might have a bit of a problem developing here...My house is going to look like an episode of Hoarders. One room already does!

Okay, back to finding more inspiration for future experiments. If you're into making your own natural perfume, too, let's talk about it! 

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