Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inching Toward Summer - Beltaine!

Beltaine! Already! I don't know where this year has gone. A new semester starts next week. We're all exhausted, but we have to keep plodding through the days, weeks, and months of the semesters. I plan to take a couple of long weekends to use some of my vacation time. Maybe a 4-day weekend if my friend Author T.A. Woods can come for a visit.

I thank the gods several times a week for the glorious spring weather. It's cold and rainy right now, though, but some days were absolutely gorgeous. I am trying to take stock of the things I have to be thankful for and think less about the things I don't have. Being a better daughter, girlfriend, teacher, and all-around person is the goal. We shall see.

It's nice to be able to cook with a wider variety of ingredients again. Winter can be very limited in certain areas, especially if you are on a budget. I'm addicted to roasted asparagus and have to eat as much of it as possible while it's in season.

I attended a faculty picnic last weekend. I took my  Gobi Manchurian and rice, some lemony hummus (recipe on the way), a big salad with homemade creamy Italian dressing, baked beans, Buffalo turkey meatballs, and corn and green chile casserole. I prepared for two days. There was a buttload of food at the picnic, and of course my lap band wouldn't let me eat properly. I honked.

Speaking of that sumbitch, I see a surgeon on Wednesday. I have to go to Ashland, Kentucky. It's not that far from here, but I have never been there. I have to go alone, and I am super anxious about it. I am going to give myself plenty of time. The GPS isn't always clear to me. I don't always know what's going on. Anyway, let's hope the surgeon is willing to discuss solutions to this gastric band problem. I've had it since 2009. I got it put in when I lived in Istanbul, and other doctors here don't really want to touch it. Assholes.

I doubt my insurance will cover it, but maybe I can at least get him to take out any saline that's in there so I can eat normally. I miss fruit. I'm craving fresh fruit like crazy, but it's too acidic for my pouch right now. I want to eat more raw food, but I can't right now. Grrrr. Let's hope something positive comes of this. If you want to throw any positive energy my way, that would be super duper.

That's about it for now.

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