Saturday, October 11, 2014

Behind Again!

I'm getting behind in life again. Ugh.  Work is getting busier and crazier, and it's about to go absolutely insane.  We're all going to be buried alive. It isn't going to be pretty.  *Deep breath*

My next Pagan Blog Project will be a catch-up for "T" - Tattoos.

I'm organizing a Halloween potluck at work the Tuesday before.  We have our faculty meetings then, and I think it will be nice to start a little before the meeting so we can eat and relax.  So far, only a few people have signed up.  Most people are bringing sweet things such as pumpkin bread.   I'm taking my pumpkin spice latte cheesecake.

I'm taking 2 or 3 savory dishes as well.  My butternut squash lasagna is suitable for the vegetarians, and it went over extremely well last year.  I think I'll make a meatloaf in the shape of a zombie head/face for the meat eaters.  I plan to use sliced almonds for teeth, and maybe a gooey mozzarella eyeball.  I considered filling the other eye socket with rice, but that might be too gross... What do you think?  Then, if I can pull it off, I want to make phyllo pastry "rolled intestines" with a spinach filling.  We'll see if I can pull that one off.

I'm tired just thinking about it!  I'll have to cook it all Monday evening and baking the lasagna the morning of.  I have my grocery list planned already.  I can microwave the meatloaf zombie before we hack into it.  The intestines can be reheated that morning, too, and be served at room temperature.

Now, who is going to help me carry all this from the parking lot to the building?  LOL