Sunday, August 10, 2014

Planning for Autumn

Yes, already!  September will be here before we know it.  While I haven't made plans for my Mabon meal yet, I have started thinking about the vegetarian meals I will be making for Nov.1 - Dec. 20.    On Oct. 31, I will fast until sundown, and then I will eat my last bit of meat until Thanksgiving.  I decided to allow myself to have some meat at Thanksgiving because last year, I prepared a lovely vegetarian feast that was delicious, but...unsatisfying.  I ended up eating a burger from Sheetz.  Yeah.  *hangs head in shame*

As always, I plan too much.  I am going to have to try really, really hard to be more organized this year so I can cook on the weekends and freeze dishes for the week.  My work schedule and my boyfriend's work schedule leave me feeling exhausted during the week.  Having only one car complicates things when one person gets off work by 5 and the other works until 9.  If I can make Saturdays my shopping days and Saturdays and Sundays cooking days, it should work.  I also plan to make Sundays in November pizza days because it's easy to put together.  I actually use a calzone dough recipe from allrecipes.com, and it works wonderfully.

Here are the plans I have made for the in-between time of the year:

I hope those aren't too difficult to read!  I'll be sharing recipes when it gets closer to the time.


wickedwiseowl said...

I'm lovin' these meals you have planned. So excited to try a few when you post recipes. I always enjoy cooking meals you suggest btw. <3

Sissy Witch said...

I am so excited to see your veggy meal plan! We have been working on eating mostly veggy for the past month and I am finding it hard to keep my Superman full. Grocery day is Thursday and I will be using your menu for inspiration as I make my own.