Monday, June 16, 2014

The Project - Feedback Requested!

Dear Readers,  as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided to combine a bunch of unfinished cookbook projects for the kitchen witch into ONE (unfinished) cookbook for the kitchen witch.   I'm going through recipes and brainstorming new ideas, but I need your help.

I will really, truly need recipe testers at some point, but I don't know when.

Before that can happen, I need to finalize the sections so I can get organized.  I am going to list the proposed sections of the book so you can (hopefully) give me some feedback.   I am conflicted in some areas. I just don't know if it would be worthwhile to include them.  That's where you come in.

Help?  Please? With a cherry and sprinkles on top? :)

Proposed Sections:

Sabbats (organized by season)
Esbats (organized by season or month)

And then I want to move on to Life Events.  This is where I need help.

Celebrating the Maiden - This is the section that is causing the most problems.  I want to include a section on celebrating a young woman.  This might include *gasp* menarche.   What do you all think?  How do you feel about celebrating such an event?  It doesn't HAVE to include menarche, per se, but have any of you or would any of you celebrate the maiden aspect of the goddess?   It doesn't even have to include an actual, physical maiden; it could just be honoring that aspect of the Triple Goddess.


From there, we would go to:


Home Blessings

Celebrating the Mother (I wouldn't leave out fathers!)  - This would include baby blessing or naming events.

Celebrating the Crone


Passing Beyond the Veil - This would include foods to take to the grieving families as well as foods for remembrance at Samhain, so it would sort of go along with the Samhain section.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Thank you so much!


LeonaOigheag said...

Hi there! I love the fact that you're putting together a Witchy cookbook!

I love the idea of having Live Event categories, but I am curious how you would break the recipes out for the Maiden/Mother/Crone sections? Maybe focus more on high school/college/poor student food; adult with family; and then living alone type recipes? In which case I might be likely to rename the sections :)

I'm not Goddess-centric in my worship so, for me, including some more of the God would be appreciated.

With all of that, I'm really looking forward to your book. I'm getting into cooking at home more and looking forward to more ideas!

- V

Nar said...

Thank you for the feedback! It is much appreciated, and it has made me think some more.

The God aspect of the Divine shall be honored more during particular sabbats. I think I will combine the Maiden and Crone into one section. The idea was to focus on foods that provide essential nutrients during those times - iron, zinc, calcium, etc. Think foods that help with cramps or hot flashes.

I hadn't thought of on-your-own type recipes for this project, but it would certainly be a fantastic idea! Perhaps a separate project for the solitary kitchen with. What a fabulous idea! Thank you!