Saturday, June 7, 2014

So Many Irons

I'll admit it.  I am totally guilty of starting projects that I can't finish.  I decided not to participate in Blog Every Day in June because I knew it would be difficult to keep up with it in addition to the Pagan Blog Project.  I missed a couple of weeks of that due to lack of inspiration.

But now...Now, I have yet another project.  Bear with me!  I think that this idea might help me organize and combine other unfinished projects into one (unfinished) project instead of, like, 50.  

Some of you actually know me in real life.  For those of you who do, you know that I've been wanting to write a decent kitchen witch cookery book since around 2006.  You'll also know that I've been working on recipes since then, too.  However, life happens.  Lack of funds for cooking and testing happens.  I moved overseas for a couple of years, living in a place with different food, different ingredients that I might not be able to access in the U.S.  Work, work, work always takes up a lot of my time and energy. I haven't had any vacation time in a while, and I won't have any until probably November.   So why the hell am I thinking of starting a new project?

(Because I'm a masochist.)

I've decided to take the recipes I've been working on for a series of seasonal kitchen witch cookbooks and combine those with recipes for other occasions - handfastings, funerals, etc.   I'm going to compile them all into one book of recipes for various occasions and celebrations.   This project involves sabbats, esbats, handfastings, funeral feasts, birth celebrations, croning celebrations, and a couple of other occasions.  

Once again, I will ask people to confidentially test recipes, but not for a while yet.  I think I need a separate savings account just for this project!  Good food is too damned expensive these days.   I may also ask some of you to tell me about the things you like to eat for certain celebrations.  For example, what are some of your favorite ideas for cakes and ale?  Do you prefer morning or evening meals?   I might include some recipes for morning rituals, or I will just keep that project separate.  I'm still organizing.

That's what's going on in my head this weekend. How are you doing?

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