Saturday, June 21, 2014

Glad Midsummer!

A very happy summer solstice to all!  It's overcast and a bit spritzy here today, but hopefully that will clear up for tonight's celebration.

 I'm about to start potluck preparations. I decided to take some chicken legs and a noodle salad.  The noodle salad will be vegan because there are a few vegetarians in the group.  I am going to do an Asian-ish noodle salad.  The idea is in my brain, but I don't have the exact measurements yet.  I will post the recipe once I work things out outside of my mind.

The chicken legs are going to get coated in a sesame-orange-ginger-pineapple glaze.  The noodle salad will be made with regular ol' angel hair pasta and cubes of fried tofu, some Napa cabbage, shredded carrot, red bell pepper, green onions, and sugar snap peas.  I'm going to make a sesame-ginger dressing for it, and I will probably sprinkle on some furikake, too.   Mmmmm!  I'm excited to get the cooking started!

I hope you all have a lovely celebration, whatever you do!  

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