Thursday, March 13, 2014

F is for Forgiveness (or not) Warning: Contains rather colorful language

F is for Forgiveness

I was inspired to write this entry by a Facebook post.  One of my cousins was tagged in a Throwback Thursday post by someone I remember quite well from middle school and high school.  He and his brother (along with many others) made my life a living hell.  I was teased and called names.  They put things in my hair or would cut pieces of it.  These people that I remember are, quite frankly, stinking piles of shit.
We’re all probably familiar with the saying “To err is human. To forgive, divine.”  Well, if that’s the case, I will never achieve a state comparable to that of the Divine because there are some people I absolutely refuse to forgive.  In fact, I wish nothing but the worst for those assholes.

The thing that I find absolutely hilarious is how Jesus lovin’ they seem to have become over the years.  Oh, really?  Where was this love of Christ and his teachings when you were calling me a gorilla because I have PCOS?  Where was this divine universal love when you were making fun of my weight? 

F is also for Fuck You because that is what I would say to any of them.  I commented earlier tonight that if any one of them were on fire, I wouldn’t squat to piss and put out the flames.  They are foul, odious excuses for human beings.  They are wastes of flesh.  Fortunately, at least a couple of them have died since we graduated.  Good.

You know what, motherfuckers?  While you have your pretend religious beliefs, dead-end jobs, ugly kids and worthless miserable existences, I have a Master’s Degree, a career, and friends and family who love me for who I am, no matter what I look like.  I didn’t ask for PCOS or any of the accompanying symptoms – weight gain, hirsutism, etc.    I didn’t choose that, but YOU chose to be fucking assholes to me because of it.  

If I had a dick, I’d tell you to suck it.  Eat shit and continue dying off.   I forgive people who deserve it. You do not.  If you’re so full of the love of Christ, you should beg ME for forgiveness. 

End of vitriolic ramblings. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

About to Open Etsy Again

Last year, I sold handmade clay kitchen witch figurines in my Etsy store. Recently, I took to the kitchen to whip up some products that will keep you feeling like the silky-soft goddess that you are.   I will soon be re-opening the store and listing some handmade skincare products.  So far, I have made some tattoo balm, whipped body butter, and deodorant.

I will post a link once I have things photographed to my liking and listed on the site.

Edit:  Up and running!