Friday, January 3, 2014

PBP - A is for Afterlife

I nearly took the easy route and wrote about autumn for the letter “A”, but this blog has tons of posts about autumn on it.  I figured I might as well branch out a bit if I can.

When I think of the afterlife, I think of…well, I’m not completely sure I believe it exists.   A lot of people spend their time on this planet planning for when their souls are going to leave it, rather than enjoying the present.   I don’t want to do that.   I want to enjoy the brief time I will spend here.

As any regular readers might know, I sometimes doubt a lot of things.  The afterlife is no different.  I don’t know for sure that it’s there. No one does, except the dead, and they’re not talking.   Not to me, at least.   
What I will write about is how I would like the afterlife to be, how I envision it.    Some people call it the Summerlands.  Heaven.  Avalon. The Isle of Apples.   I don’t have a specific name for it, really.    Some people think there might be separate afterlife scenarios for each group or even each individual soul.  I just don’t know.   What I’d like for it to be, though, is a place where I can be reunited with the friends, family members, and fuzzy animal friends I’ve lost over the years. 

I envision a beautiful field, surrounded by woodlands.  Rolling hills, golden sunshine, deep green foliage, and an azure sky filled with puffy clouds.  Pretty standard, right?    Well, this is MY private afterlife, where the people I want to see and spend time with come and go at regular intervals.  I also have time to spend alone.
I guess that means that my version of the afterlife is something that is both personal and shared with loved ones.   I don’t know about interactions with the living, except maybe when the veil is at its thinnest.   

Won’t know til (if) I get there.

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