Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still Truckin'

I'm still here. I know I keep dropping off the planet, but at first it was a combination of depression and craziness at work, and now it's no craziness at work.  I got laid off.   I'm still looking for jobs, applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs sometimes, but I haven't landed one yet.

On the upside, I took my free time and channeled it into designing items for my Zazzle store, which you can see on the right -->.  Feel free to browse around.  I'm still on Etsy, but Zazzle has a few advantages, imho.

Wish me luck in the job hunt!  I should have plenty of time to work on recipes, and hopefully some pretty sweet unemployment to pay for the groceries.  We shall see.


Diandra said...

Good luck!

wickedwiseowl said...

Keeping you in my thoughts! You will find a job soon. You are totally awesome.:) Love your zazzle store and will be buying a few must haves soon. ;)