Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 3: What Doesn't Make a Kitchen Witch?

What doesn't make a kitchen witch, and who am I to say?   Well, let me begin by saying I DON'T think I'm in the position to go around deeming some people kitchen witches and others as something else.

However, we all have our opinions and mine is this:  You're a kitchen witch if you are conscious of what you are doing, as discussed in a previous post.  Just following a recipe or formula, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily make you a kitchen witch.  Going into the kitchen one time to make some holy water or four thieves' vinegar doesn't necessarily make you a kitchen witch.  You're a witch. In the kitchen.

A kitchen witch is one who, in my view, works mainly (or maybe even only) in the kitchen, uses whatever tools are on hand, and works to impart magic of some sort into everything s/he does in the kitchen, whether it be dinner preparation or a special recipe for attracting extra money.

Make sense?  Let me know your thoughts. :)


Aisha said...

that's what I said. I really dislike when others say because you don't work specific magic or conjure in your food only.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

This one took more thought that I figured it would at first glance... ^-^

Good job on making us all think! ^-^



Nar said...

And it's all good - if you're a kitchen witch or a witch in the kitchen. Everybody has their own place where they feel most comfortable and productive. :D