Monday, January 14, 2013

After a brief hiatus...

I am back. Back to blogging, back to work, back to feeling (mostly) human again.  I caught my boyfriend's cold on New Year's Eve and spent the next week in a virus-induced stupor.  I finally started feeling better, and then I ended up with laryngitis.  I couldn't talk for about 5 days.  I am still a bit hoarse, but I was able to talk to my new students today.  Today was our first day back, and I am butt-tired.

I am writing this to ask for some feedback.  I write a column for Pagan Edge magazine, for those of you who didn't know (did you not know?  Check out www.paganedge.com and check out Zedral Z's (that's me) "Food of Gods" column.

Okay, now back to my pleas for feedback.  I have to write a post the ties together paganism, food, and birth.  The first two are no problem. I do it all the time. The last thing, however, is a problem.  I could talk about *spiritual* birth, but preparing for birth, birth rituals, etc., are a complete mystery to me. I don't have children.  I most likely can't have children.  I have some mega infertility issues, so I don't know about pregnancy or childbirth firsthand, and I never will.  So...help?  Please?  

Anything goes. Morning sickness, not being able to eat, weird cravings, etc.   Thank you in advance!