Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19

I made the black bean soup and cornbread tonight. It just sounded good. Good and easy because I don't have to do anything while waiting on the beans to cook.

I also made pretzels today, using a recipe from Alton Brown.  They are, in a word, amazing.

S has the fast helped me with tapping into my innate witchiness? Have I had a glimpse behind the veil yet?  Well, I don't know.  Make of this what you will:

A day or two ago, I was on the phone and I happened to walk by the television and see that the stand was dusty (as usual).  I mindlessly traced a shape into the dust and moved on to another room.  Later, after I hung up, I looked at the shape and noticed it resembled a rune.  Now, I'm no expert on runes, so I had to flip through a book to find it, but it was Othala.   Ancestry.  Family.

I just found it rather odd that I was on the phone with my parents when I doodled that rune's form.  I wish it were more feasible for me to go home for the winter holidays, but it's an awful lot of trouble and expense for a short visit.   Besides, I am really hoping and praying I hear about a job I applied for.  It's in Washington.  I have a friend in the same town.  It would be so nice to get out of this place.

Tomorrow I will make some cheesy, shroomy manicotti (couldn't get shells at Kroger).  Oh, and here is a bonus pretzel picture:

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