Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As a Kitchen Witch

This is just a list I am working on.

As a kitchen witch, I:
·         Occasionally cover my hair, especially when honoring Hestia
·         Do not eat meat between Samhain and Yule
·         Do not cover my hair as much between Samhain and Yule
·         See the time between those two sabbats as being  between the old year and the new, and our world and the one on the other side of the veil
·         Use seasonal, local ingredients as often as possible
·         Stir clockwise unless I am banishing negativity
·         Prefer wooden spoons
·         Leave offerings of food
·         Donate food to those in need
·         Use cooking as a ritual, especially bread making
·         Chant as I chop or knead
·         Use mealtimes as ritual time
·         Am extra domestic during my menstrual cycle
·         Use my recipe book as a book of shadows and diary
·         Give thanks for the parts of the meal as well as the meal itself
·         Infuse my cooking with love
·         Burn candles when cooking sabbat meals
·         Cook to feed and heal my soul and mind
·         Read cookbooks like novels
·         Research kitchen, hearth, and food deities from other cultures
·         Learn, learn, learn

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wickedwiseowl said...

This is a great post Nar! You are such a wonderful Kitchen witch. I'm still one in training. I learn a lot form you actually. *hugs*