Monday, October 1, 2012

The Countdown to Samhain Begins

Rocktober is finally here!  

Ah, October. I think this is my favorite month.  It's not my birthday month, but it does hold my favorite day of the year, and that of many people.  Oh, yeah, Halloween/Samhain is on its way!  

While I cannot promise to blog every day, I do intend to set aside some time each day to reflect upon what this season means to me and what I hope to get out of it and why.

 I may light a candle and just sit quietly and meditate upon the season of the witch and how it affects me.  I may ask the Aussie to get out his drums and I might dance my way to Samhain, who knows!  I may even get around to making some videos.  I'll *definitely* be cooking!

If you remember, I plan to start a "fast" of sorts at Samhain.  I guess I'll be preparing for that by eating as much bacon as I can stuff into my gob (and then not live to see Samhain).  I will be working on some recipes for that time as well.  Lots of blog posts have been planned.  We'll just have to see what my other life (the job 'n' stuff) has in store for me.

Happy October, and remember: only 30 days left!

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Autumn said...

Hooray for rocktober and Halloween!!!