Monday, October 29, 2012

No way, November!

I think it was last year when I thought I would work on my book projects for NaNoWriMo.   This year...uffffff!  Too tired to even think about it.   I've been feeling seriously wiped out for the last week or so.  Even the thought of making the meal I had planned for Samhain exhausts me and makes me start to yawn.

I haven't abandoned by hopes of finishing these projects, but I just don't have the time to devote to it, except maybe on weekends.  I lack the discipline to write an actual novel, as I found out a long time ago.  I'm better at novellas and recipes.

However, since some of my friends (and probably some of the bloggers I follow) will be engaging in some writing, some of the creative energy might transfer to my weary mind.  We shall see.

November is going to be a busy month.  This week, just as the month is beginning, I will be working on midterm grades and writing a final exam for later in the month. We also have Int'l Education Week.  After that, we will have a lovely week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am soooooo looking forward to that week!  We're talking counting the days.

Still, I have a few recipes and ideas in mind and I will update when I can.  I am currently procrastinating right now.  Drinking coffee and updating my blog are much more exciting activities than grading essays, but I suppose I should get back to it.

Happy Monday.  I guess. :D

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