Saturday, August 18, 2012

Witch, Feed Thyself!

I got my gastric band adjusted on Wednesday.  I’ve had it for three years, but for the past two years, I’ve had nothing but trouble. Very little weight loss, and lots and lots of regurgitating.   Yeah.  Pleasant, right?    So back in March I finally decided to get it looked at by a surgeon in town.  I had to do a couple of barium swallows (chalky, but not as horrible as people would have you believe), and since I had some dilation, I was unrestricted.   I finally got a teensy bit of restriction back this week.

When they fill or unfill the band, it causes swelling, so you have to go back to just liquids.  This is the part that I hate.  Broth and gelatin for three days, and then I can add some more opaque liquids to my diet.  I will be able to eat some real, solid food on Monday.  It should still be relatively soft, however.

I’m hungry.  I’ve been hungry and grumpy for days. Good gods, have I been grumpy and unpleasant!   Now, a lot of people fast in order to help them attain more heightened awareness.  It can aid with meditation, astral travel, etc.   I’m not one of those people.  No, I have not spend my time meditating or waiting for visions to come to me.   I’ve been having visions, all right – visions of food!  

What does it mean when a kitchen witch cannot eat?  What is one to do?  Well, I sent my boyfriend to a fast-food restaurant for dinner.  Twice.  Yeah, twice.  And then, I decided that I was being selfish.   He still needs to eat!  I can’t send him to hamburger restaurants for 5 nights.  Gross!

I decided to do some large-scale cooking so my boyfriend will have dinner on the nights when I cannot eat, and lunch to take to work.   

Being hungry and grumpy and impatient as hell, I took him to the grocery store with me.  I told him he would help keep me balanced.  You know what? He did.  We had a nice time shopping and it wasn’t stressful the way it can sometimes be.  (I went two days ago and the store was packed. Two cashiers were working. I walked out. Impatient, hungry, grumpy.)

...Something changed when I started to cook.  I started to chop onions and garlic, and fry them in oil.  The smells…satiated my hunger.  The mere act of preparing a meal for someone I love fed me somehow.   It was amazing.  I got to cook the food and watch it transform from a bunch of raw ingredients into a delicious simmering curry, and then a big pot of gumbo.   The aromas comforted me and fed my soul.  Oh, cooking is magical indeed.  J

I think I’ll go feed my head by reading, and then I will feed my soul again come dinner time.  I may even make myself a special pot of soup. Why not?   

Well, that’s where I am right now.  I hope you’re all well-fed right now, too. 


JustComment said...

Awsome post sweets! I hope this refill (mind, body, and soul) works for you. Love you loads xx

Mantan Calaveras said...

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that you are having complications with your lap-band. There are often serious complications with those things. You should really consider having it removed if such a thing is possible. It's just not healthy, and there are better ways to get healthy (http://haescommunity.org/)

Anyway, cooking itself can totally be therapeutic. Take care of yourself!

Spiritrunner said...

Hope you feel better soon
nominated you for a blog award