Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh, so *that* explains it!

When writing about autumn, one of the adjectives that gets tossed around is “introspective”, as in ‘Autumn is an introspective time’.  Hell, I’ve used it myself.   It’s not that it isn’t true; it’s that I’ve finally figured out the connection I have to winter.  Introspection is the keyword.

Introspection – n.  The examination of one’s own thoughts, impressions, and feelings, especially for long periods.

During the autumn and winter, we have months and months in which to turn inward and examine our beliefs and feelings.   Some people, however, spend most of their time this way.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t believe it makes that person selfish or narcissistic or self-absorbed in any way; rather I find very sensitive people tend more toward introspection because it’s just…easier somehow. At least it is for me.

I’m also a very introverted person.  I wasn’t always that way, but things happen and personality traits can changed.  Nature vs. nurture.  I’m shy.  I communicate better through writing than speaking, especially when it comes to dealing with deep feelings.  Some things only come out through writing, you know?

At work, in the classroom, I’m all open and energetic. I sing, I dance, I perform. ( I rarely sing or dance, but has been known to happen. )  Outside of the classroom, I am quiet.  I moved to the other side of campus to be on my own, away from the other offices.  There are three of us in that part of the building, and we don’t bother each other.  It’s so nice. 

Whoa.  I’m going off on a tangent.  To sum up, I like autumn because, well, I *am* autumn in a lot of  ways.  I like being alone with my thoughts.  I like to take time to examine what I’m feeling and how I perceive things.  I’m quiet and I like being alone sometimes. 

Autumn is the perfect time for that.  The weather often keeps us inside.  Autumn is the time of death so that rebirth may occur.  It’s a spooky time of year for some.  We’re reminded of our own mortality.  The shorter days give us more time to think about death… Maybe that’s just me.  Maybe it’s because of the SAD and clinical depression. Who knows.   I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on autumn and why you like it/identify with it.


Alyss said...

What a great post. I totally identify :) Is your birthday in the autumn? Or are you another Earth sign? I'm a Virgo with a Virgo rising.... doesn't get much more autumny earth sign than that.

Rudolph Steiner talks of the Earth as having a breath cycle, like any other living being. In the summer the Earth's breath is fully exhaled, extended outside the rocky shell of her body and touching the cosmos. It is a time of expanded movement, action-dreaming and play. At midwinter the earth's breath is fully inhaled, contained deep within the physical earth. We feel compelled to sleep-dream, stay inside and close to loved ones, to be sleepy or hibernate, forge the insights gained from the summer into diamonds of wisdom. The autumn in the inbreath time, a time when we are bringing the cosmic back to the physical. It is a time to bring it home, feel the constriction, institute a bed time routine :) It makes me feel comforted and loved to have that constraining energy. I breathe a sigh of relief in early September every year :)

If you check out my posts labeled "autumn" you'll see about three years worth of my musings on Autumn :)


Thanks for the thought provoking post!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

You, my sweet, and I are much alike, methinks... ^-^ In good ways. =D

Those are all the reasons I love Autumn and Winter as well. I'm not exactly shy, but I don't like most people very well. I dislike being in large groups, and frequently would rather be alone, or with Britt or a few friends (occasionally).

I'm very introspective as well... I am always searching for self-knowledge, and I'll always have more to learn.

I can very easily see myself as that crazy old woman who lives in a cabin in the mountains with just her cats, chickens and some goats or sheep or something... you know, the Wild Woman, Wise Woman, village Witch on the outskirts of civilization. ^-^

Anywho... So that's why I love Autumn too. ^-^

As well as introspection, I also find I feel more 'awake' in the Fall. Summer almost seems to haze my brain over... leaving me feeling sleepy and sluggish. Autumn, with her crisp air & chilly breezes, wakes me up a bit. I feel like crafting and cooking and writing and dancing again.

Alrighty... now that I've talked your ears off, I'm off to do more cleaning. ^-^

Hope you're doing well, and I'll come poke you soon. ^-^