Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I’ve been covering my head for quite some time now.  I didn’t start doing it yesterday or the day before, and I certainly didn’t start doing it for this a certain day that is scheduled to take place on Mabon.    Why do people feel the need to organize this day?  Well, you’d have to ask them, but a lot of it has to do with someone being spat at when she was wearing a hijab. 
 I’m not going to give this case any more attention because it’s had plenty, trust me.   What I will say is this:  I do not appreciate something that I hold dear to me being turned into a spectacle.   There are now quite a few people jumping on the covering bandwagon because…well, I don’t really fucking know.   Some of them want the attention.  Probably more than I know…
There’s the whole discrimination thing.     We’re really not being discriminated against.  No, seriously.   Were you passed up for a job because of your head scarf?   Try living in Turkey, where that happens every day.   That’s not as much of a problem for developed nations.    Religious discrimination, you say?  Yeah, we got that.   Girlfriend probably thought she was spitting at a gen-u-ine Muslimah, instead of a Pagan woman wearing a hijab.   Still…we’re not discriminated against as much as other people.  It’s a drop in the bucket for those of us in the Western World. 
There’s the whole oppression thing.  People want to stand up and say, “No, I’m not being oppressed. This is my choice!”  And that’s great…if it is your choice.  For some women, what they wear isn’t a choice. 
I don’t know if I get dirty looks from people because I don’t pay attention to them.  I’m not covering for the benefit of the public.  I’m not doing it to give you something to look at; I’m doing it for my own spiritual reasons and that’s all I am going to say.  My life, my choice, my head, my business.    I don’t WANT people to look at me.  I’m much, much happier if you just leave me alone, unless you need me for something.   Well, there is one coworker who gives me dirty looks, but she’s an ignorant bitch who can kiss every single inch of my ass…  And for the record, if someone spits at me, I’m going to spit back. In their face.  And I’m going to accompany it with a, “That’s how you fucking do it, bitch!” 
I just don’t think it’s what it’s being made out to be.  To me, getting the ol’ hairy eyeball or a pavement oyster in my direction isn’t as big of a deal as being beaten with a tire iron or being denied a job or an education.   I don’t think some people wearing a piece of material on their head for a few hours is going to accomplish much for the truly oppressed and those who really are discriminated against on a daily basis.  
I’m trying to wrap this up because I’m rambling.  What do I want to say?  Hmmm….Okay, this:

·       * Jumping on a bandwagon does not make you more aware of the social issues; it just makes YOU more visible.   A lot of Pagans already suffer from “Look At Me!” Syndrome. 
·         * Don’t wear a symbol of someone else’s faith or religion or path or whatever to get attention. It ends badly.
·        *  Think for yourselves.   It’s not that hard.
·        * Don’t do something just because everybody else is doing it and you want to seem as though you’re just as informed or caring.  Again, it just makes you look like a d-bag who is desperate for attention.


The Blue Faerie said...

I will admit to being one of the ones that stares. But know that it's because I'm totally checking out the awesome fabrics on everybody's heads (:P), and then wondering how those ladies get their head scarves so perfectly set. I can barely get a pony tail going and those ladies never have a single hair showing! How do you do that?

Zedral Z said...

There are lots of tutorials online, which is where I started. Watch videos, and practice. It's really not hard at all! :)

Witchfire said...

I can see where you're coming from and I respect your opinion on the matter. I've read the good and the bad, but have never considered this side of the issue; and I think that it's important to consider all sides of the story, especially those one may not agree with. It's not like you and others who're against this day don't cover, yall just have a difference of opinion. And it's a shame that some of you are being attacked for it, instead of accepted, even if one disagrees.

Yes, you'll be met with opposition (which I'm sure you're already aware of), possibly by the some of the same who're fighting against discrimination don't realize that they're discriminating as well (I'm guilty of this; ya live and ya learn). By not listening to your reasons, instead taking it as "Disagreement equals Disrespect and Personal Attack". It's hypocritical.

Your reasons are food for thought, and I wanna thank you for sharing your opinion. The issues and reasons of this day really is a double edged dagger from my pov. ~)O(~

Zedral Z said...

Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, Witchfire. 'Tis appreciated.