Saturday, June 30, 2012

Update Time!

My goodness! June is nearly gone and soon Lammas will be upon us.   You know that's the start of my favorite time of year - late summer through late fall - and I've been preparing recipe ideas.  I've also been making lots of different calzones for my boyfriend to take to work for his lunches.

Thursday night was a women's party at work.  Our events coordinator organized a women's party so the Muslim women could feel comfortable, remove their hijabs, dance, and have a good time.  I think most of them had a pretty good time.  I took baked falafel, but I mixed in about 3/4 can of white kidney beans to make the texture creamy rather than crumbly.

Even though summer is an amazing time for produce and I am enjoying berries and zucchini and such, I am craving a lot of sweet potatoes.  I've been mashing them with butter, honey, salt, and garam masala. Delicious!  I think I might try whipping them with a little ginger and coconut milk in there, too.  Look for a recipe soon...

I've been working on weekly meal plans and trying to shop accordingly to avoid food waste and overspending, but there are nights when I am just too damn tired to cook.  For those of you who have families to feed, my pointy hat goes off to you.  I don't know what I would do if I have kids, honestly.  Having a dog is plenty right now.

The June issue of Pagan Edge magazine is out and my article on faery foods is in it. The recipes are Honeyed Milk and Rose Thumbprint Cookies (thumbprint cookies with dollops of rose preserves). July will feature a recipe for grilled vegetable and tofu tacos with black beans and avocado spread.  That was a delicious recipe experiment, let me tell you!

What else? Oh, I applied for a couple of jobs in Ohio.  I'd really, really like one of those Assistant Program Manager positions.  It's a Catholic Marianist university, but that doesn't worry me. I can get by with my head scarves there just fine. So...good energies, please?  I'd really appreciate it.

That's about it for now. I'll get the white bean falafel recipe together for y'all, too.

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