Monday, June 18, 2012

Pagan Edge - Choose My Recipe Adventure!

Help!  My column for Pagan Edge magazine is due in two days and I'm still torn between two recipes.  This issue is all about food and spirituality, so I thought I'd bring in some sun-powered fertility.   Problem is, I don't know if I want to use rice or corn.

I love both rice and corn, but I am trying to avoid too much corn, as most of it is genetically modified these days.  Still, once in a while wouldn't hurt, I suppose.

Here are the recipes I'm kicking around.  Would you help me decide?:

Grilled tofu tacos with grilled vegetables and a cool avocado spread

(Asian-inspired flavors here) Baked rice with tofu and summer vegetables

I know, most soy is GMO these days, too.  Dammit.   I could pull out my grilled vegetable salad and beef kebab, if necessary.  I am just having such a hard time deciding for some reason.

Help! :)


Sapphire said...

Grilled tofu tacos here!

Diandra said...

Despite the tofu, the first one sounds more appealing.

Zedral Z said...

Thank you, ladies! I was leaning more toward the tacos myself.

Coffee Gypsy said...

definitely the tacos. definitely.