Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Midsummer: Ideas and a Quick Ritual

At Midsummer, the strength of the sun is honored.  The sun is necessary for life to exist and flourish.  The sun helps nourish crops that will soon be harvested. As a kitchen witch, this is a time to honor the strength of the sun.  Here is a simple kitchen witch ritual and a few ideas to celebrate Midsummer. 

This ritual is best done alone in the kitchen.  Send everyone else out to tend to the grill or drink lemonade while they watch the sunset.

Place a gold, red, orange, yellow, or white candle on the stove and light it.  Offer your kitchen deity a bit food such as grain (it can be in bread form).   You may also offer other seasonal foods such as fresh berries.

   Sit where you can see the candle.  Breathe deeply a few times, drawing in cleansing breath.  Ground in your own way.  Close your eyes and focus on the candle flame with your third eye.   

You may wish to contact your particular hearth deity, patron god or goddess, fertility or harvest deity at this time.  Feel the presence of the divine within and without. 

When the time feels right, give thanks for the season.  I might say something like:

“I give thanks for the longer days and the warm weather that helps the crops flourish. I am thankful for the extra time to spend with loved ones.  I give thanks for the bounty of the season.  I look forward to the upcoming harvests with gratitude.” 

Share some of the berries with loved ones and leave the rest as an offering.  

*Decorate your Midsummer table with candles the colors of flame.

 *Add yellow and orange flowers.

*Serve spicy fare that captures the very heat of the summer sun (think: Tex-Mex dishes or vibrant Thai or Indian curries using local, seasonal veggies).

*Use your grill (outside hearth) if you have one.  

*Visit your local farmer’s market to gather produce for your meal.    

*Don’t forget to donate some non-perishables to your local food pantry as well.  We kitchen witches want all to be fed!

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