Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Here are some highlights from the past month or so, including dishes I've made:
 * Wrote an article for witchvox.com about veiling. It was published about 3 weeks ago.
 * Fish pakoras and sweet potato fries with cumin - nom! Recipe for pakoras coming soon.
 * Wrote another article for Pagan Edge magazine (www.paganedge.com). The "Food of Gods" column is mine. June's recipes are for fairy foods. This will be my fourth month.
 * Considered quitting my job for a career in the carnival.
 * Best slow cooker baked beans ever! Recipe to come.
 * Had another upper GI to see how my band is doing.
 Apparently the previous problem has resolved itself. I go back to the surgeon's office in a few weeks to get some restriction. Hopefully I'll be able to lose some more weight.
 * Made a roast pork dinner for a friend who is leaving for the United Arab Emirates in a few days. Pork and potatoes, roasted asparagus with garlic, salad with homemade Green Goddess dressing.

 I went through a period of major depression. I was stressed, and I wasn't taking my medication regularly. Oops. I'm feeling better now. Teaching is finished until the end of the month, so I can relax a little bit. I have one more meeting and I need to get my folders put together. Then, I'm done for a couple of weeks. I plan to get back into my Major Arcana series, as well as getting the aforementioned recipes posted. I'm still working on my brunch book and my seasonal series, but it's a slow process. My boyfriend landed a job (thanks in part, I believe, to my Prosperity Shortbread), and that will give me a little more money left after bills. More leftover fundage means more cooking and recipe testing! That's about it for now. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

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