Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Hestia - a work in progress

Call it a rough draft.

Keeper of the flame
Goddess of the Hearth
Gentle Hestia,
Eternal Virgin,
Sister, Daughter,
Veiled one
Bless this the hearth
Of Thy sister,
She who comes
Veiled before you
May the flame
Never be extinguished
May your blessing and spirit
Always abide here.

(I'd clean up the kitchen and then light some candles around the stove for this.)

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Witchfire said...

I like it so far. :-)

Sapphire said...

very lovely! :)

Alyss said...

I love it. I've always felt drawn to Hestia. I continue to question how to bring her into my life more... I think the answer is not these days, some other days will be Hestia days :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

This is beautiful. ^-^
I think you've got a good thing going with this.