Thursday, March 8, 2012

A ritual head covering

In my search for a comfortable, practical head covering for rituals, I have found the Al-Amira hijab. It's two pieces, no tying, wrapping needed, and it's quite comfortable to wear. I'm wearing my everyday kitchen headscarf as I type this, but Ostara just might find me in this baby!

But I probably won't wear the Oscar the Grouch t-shirt. ;)


Sapphire said...

He can't be Oscar the Ostara Grouch?

I loves me some Oscar :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Oscar the Ostara Grouch... *giggle... snort*

I love the pics of you & your dog... Y'all two are so cute, I could just explode. ^-^

I've started covering my head when I'm working in the kitchen, after your post the other day got me thinking.
It's the fun, colorful scarf my mom sent me for my birthday. ^-^
When I tie my hair back & wrap my scarf around it, it's kind of like I get into a different headspace. One with specific intent, whether it's cooking good food or cleaning up my kitchen.