Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Kitchen Witch Altar

This is another work in progress. It may turn into a shrine to Hestia, as most of the things on it are Her symbols - a key, amethyst, and, well, a statue that represents Her.

I just set these things up a few minutes ago. I said a little prayer to Hestia and invited Her into my space. I walked past the altar a few minutes ago and I felt this amazing energy. I just walked right through it. I got goosebumps. I haven't had an experience like that in YEARS. I guess I'm doing the right thing.

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TheBlakkDuchess said...

That is wonderful! =D
I'm trying to make better use of my shelves I hung up in my kitchen for use as an altar. ^-^

Thanks for the congrats for Britt! It's kind of hard to say who is more excited for her to be done with this section of schooling... her or me.