Monday, December 5, 2011

What's Cookin' for December

I shall return soon with another card in my Major Arcana series. I'm also working on a sunrise ritual for the solstice. Breakfasty-type recipes will be included.

My boyfriend and I went to Memphis on Friday and hit three international grocery stores. I got quite a bit of good stuff and have been happily experimenting with it. Saturday we had braised octopus with spaghetti, and yesterday we had duck spring rolls with a duck I roasted.

Today I am going to use the leg meat from the duck to make duck-and-sweet-potato hash browns.

Next Sunday I am hosting a cookie swap. I'll probably make my double chocolate-cherry-almond bar cookies. They are usually a crowd pleaser.

That's about it for now. My final exams are Wednesday and my grades are due by Friday. I'm a busy, busy bee right now. I hope all is well with my readers!


JustComment said...

Looking forward to the next in the major Arcana series!!! (PS - those duck and sweet potato hashbrowns sound divine!!!!

Zedral Z said...

The cookie swap had to be canceled due to complete and total lack of funds. Ballz.

JustComment said...

Bums on the cookie swap, maybe something can be arranged for Imbolc?

Sapphire said...

If you stop by here on your way home from the holidays
then we can have a cookie swap :)