Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Book, or Four?

That's the question that is currently on my mind. Should I publish one book with all four seasons, or should I work with one season at a time so I can include more recipes? Which would you like to see? Also, e-book, or print? Or both?


JustComment said...

Those are some tough calls to make, but once they are made roll with it ;).

My two cents are: 4 books, print and ebook/kindle type version xx

Sapphire said...

I like the idea of one book with four sections, just so I can have everything together. However, if you want to get started and get the book(s) out sooner, then your best option is to do one at a time. :)

Zedral Z said...

I have contacted some publishers and told them I am working on a series of seasonal cookbooks. I have received some replies, welcoming me to send my manuscript when it is finished. I think four books will be the way I go. I just need to come up with more recipes!