Friday, February 20, 2015

Customized scents from Nar's Witchy Kitchen Haul

Here is my lovely friend and talented author, T.A. Woods, unboxing a package from Nar's Witchy Kitchen Etsy!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Essential Oils - My List

Here is a list of the essential oils I have in my collection.  They aren't alphabetized, but they are categorized by type.  Magical uses are also listed. For some of them, I couldn't find any information anywhere, so I just went with intuition and mundane purposes. I use these for magical roll-on solid fragrances, wax melts, regular roll-on solid fragrances, etc.  I am working on blends for each sabbat as well. 

Essential Oils

·         Lemon  - physical energy; purification
·         Lime – physical energy; purification
·         Grapefruit – protection; healing
·         Bergamot – physical & magical energy; money
·         Sweet orange – purification
·         Lemongrass – purification; relaxation
·         Neroli – purification; love

·         Patchouli- energy; money; sex
·         Vetiver – protection; money
·         Myrrh – awakens spirituality;  meditation
·         Frankincense – heightened spiritual awareness
·         Cypress – transitions; soothing loss; protection
·         Pine – fertility; protection; prosperity; purification
·         Tea tree – purification
·         Cajeput – purification; healing
·         Sandalwood- protection; purification; spirituality
·         Cedarwood – purification; love; money; spirituality
·         Ho Wood – relaxation; meditation
·         Juniper berry – love; protection
·         Nagarmotha – sex energy

Spicy / Herby :
·         Cinnamon bark – prosperity
·         Clove – purification; mental strength
·         Ginger  - love; sex; passion
·         Allspice – prosperity
·         Nutmeg – money; psychic awareness
·         Caraway - protection
·         Cardamom – healing
·         Thyme - protection
·         Basil – love; money
·         Dill weed – healing
·         Bay – psychic awareness
·         Cumin – calming
·         Sage – purification
·         Parsley – purification
·         Rosemary – purification; love

·         Palmarosa – happiness; protection
·         Geranium – happiness; protection
·         Ylang ylang – peace; sex; love
·         Jasmine – love; spirituality
·         Rose – love
·         Clary sage – dreaming
·         Chamomile – calming
·         Lavender – purification; healing; peace; love
·         Citronella
·         Litsea – purification; sweetness

·         Peppermint – purification
·         Wintergreen – purification
·         Eucalyptus  - purification

·         Cocoa - love
·         Coffee bean – psychic awareness
·         Vanilla – love; lust

Trying to turn over a new leaf...

Thankfully, I feel a bit better than I did in December and January. February still sucks, though, don't get me wrong.  We have tons of snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures.  Still, spring is close; I can feel it.  Now if only this snow weren't keeping me from refilling my prescriptions so we don't have a repeat...Ugh. 

I have been busy, lovelies!  Busy in the kitchen once again, but not just with food.  I'm working on getting more things ready for my Etsy store, and I'm thinking ahead to spring and summer when I can get a table at the big-ass flea market here in town.  

I'm very excited about things that I have made and will soon make. I am not as happy about the amount of money I have to put into supplies. I absolutely turn no profit, but I can use the stuff I make as well.  I'LL happily take smooth, beautiful skin, thank you!  

I have been cataloging my essential oils by type and magical property. I might post that list on here.  I'm working on making solid fragrances for both magical and mundane life.  I've made custom blends for two friends, and they've both been very pleased.  I recently sent a package of goodies to a friend in Hawaii, too. 

Unboxing video here: 

I feel the creative juices a-flowin'.  Now I just need to get some more space to work!  This place is CLUTTERED OMG.  I will be doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of clothes, and hopefully getting the floors repaired. Oh, trailer life!

Check out the link to my Etsy store --->   and feel free to contact me if you are in the market for a customized scent or something else. 

 I have a lot of plans. I just hope I can find the time.  I am normally buried under a mountain of work, but the university has been closed this week.  We went in on Wednesday, and that's it.  This weather simply must change, and soon.  

Anyhell, do stay tuned and give me a shout to let me know what you're thinking. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Wrapping up Another Shitty Year

Well, 2014 is nearly over.  I wish I could say it was better than previous years, but it was about the same. At least it wasn't a lot worse.

I have failed more times than I have succeeded this year.  I figured that would happen. It always does. It's not that I necessarily set myself up for failure. It just happens.  I think it's just where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do.  Maybe I'm an even bigger masochist than I thought!

I'm going to be honest with you: I'm in the grips of a really bad depressive state.  Yes, I've been taking my medication. No, it is not helping that much.  I haven't hurt myself, but that doesn't mean I haven't wanted to. Often.  That doesn't mean I haven't wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up.

It means that I spend a lot of time just lying around in a catatonic state, tears rolling down my cheeks while my brain screams things at me.   I hear the voices more loudly at times, and this time of year is particularly bad.  I don't feel any reason or need to celebrate jack shit.  I have no holiday decorations.  No gifts.  I promised the Aussie and a work friend that I would make a nice dinner on Xmess Day.  That's about it.

One of the major reasons I don't feel like celebrating is because this time of year reminds me of one thing I can never have - a baby.  I see all of these pregnancy announcements on my FB.  Tons of pictures.  People celebrating with children.  Children full of glee at the holiday season and the magic it brings.  And I can't have that.  And it tears me apart.   Maybe I'm just a selfish cunt.

I have no resolutions for the new year.  I never make them.  I don't stick to those things. Most people don't, but I have no problem admitting it.  I'll continue to smoke. I'll continue to be fat.  I'll continue to work too much and take absolutely no time for myself.  I'll continue to have no self-esteem.  I will continue to feel worthless.  These things never change, and I am not going to pretend that they are.

I can't tell you the number of times I've wanted to delete this blog because I feel completely unappreciated.  I feel unappreciated in every aspect of my life, really.  I try to be around for people and be supportive and a good friend, but when I am really hurting...nothing.  No helping hand. No kind word. Nothing.  The Aussie continues to not work on his issues, and I continue to be celibate while in a relationship.  I continue to feel undesirable and unworthy of love.  These things will continue into 2015.  Changing the calendar doesn't change shit.  It's all the same day.  It's all one big ball of suck.

Now, in the unlikely event that anyone has bothered to read this, I do not mean to shit on your parade.  If you celebrate a holiday that's coming up, I do honestly wish it is happy for you.  Hold your loved ones tightly.  Tell them that you love them.  Check up on the sad people.  Do something good for someone if you can.  Don't end up like me.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Best-Laid Plans

Well, they often go to shit for me.   Oh, well.   Let's have some updates, shall we?

* I'm still mostly doing the meatless thing until the winter solstice. I say mostly because I've willingly ingested meat during this period, and I plan to eat some on Thursday.

* Thursday is Last Waltz Day in my house, not Thanksgiving.  I may also watch "Concert for George" a couple of days early.
* I'm on break, but I'm not relaxed yet.

* My bathroom floor will finally be repaired. My dad is coming down here on Tuesday.

* I need to refill my prescriptions.  I'm getting a little nutty.

* I have abandoned hope of catching up with the Pagan Blog Project, but I might still participate in some capacity.

* The semester is nearly over! Hallelujah!

* I'm having...some strange personal issues. A friend of mine did a Tarot reading for me, and it seemed to pick up on things, but I still don't know what is going to happen. Most likely nothing, but I have a very wild imagination.  I seem to enjoy torturing myself with elaborate, improbable scenarios.

* I haven't done as much cooking as I'd planned. I'm tired, I have no time during the week, and I'm often too poor to buy the ingredients to make anything interesting or good.  Or healthy.   Sheetz, babies.  Sheetz and Taco Hell.

Okay, I guess that's boring enough for now.  Catch ya on the flip-flop.